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[scalpel] separate the skin
{Nurse Grenade}
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No idea what I was thinking going all-out on the banner like that. D:

So begins the Sullivan Bros. Carnival kink meme!
The rules are simple!

[+] No bashing/flaming/hating/wanking/etc. Make yourself familiar with the terms YKINMK and YKIOK, IJNMK if you feel like you ABSOLUTELY MUST express dislike of something.
[+] Crossovers, AU's, and RPF's are fine as long AT LEAST ONE PERSON FROM THE CARNIVAL is in the story!
[+] If you request something, fill another person's!
[+] Spoilers are okay, as long as you announce that you have them in your story.

Here's a lovely list of kinks to get the creative juices flowing (which I know is a really bad expression to use here.)

To request a fic:

[+] Open a reply to this post.
[+] Type a pairing, or say general, or say pairing doesn't matter in the subject.
[+] Type your kink/prompt in the comment box.
[+] Submit (anonymously or otherwise.)

To fill a request:
[+] Find a prompt you like.
[+] Write a fic for the prompt
[+] Post as a reply to the original comment or reply with a link to the fic.

As a side note, if you post un-anon and want your comment deleted just in case, just send me a message and I'll do so.

That's all I have to say for now, so, go forth, my children!

Request and fill away! <3

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